Bees and A Lesson Learned

Happy Homesteaders in Texas

In an earlier post today, I mentioned that Steve and I were going back out to the property to check on the bees in the Green Hive and to see if their queen was okay after the fall she took when I put her in the hive yesterday.  In addition, we wanted to put the internal sugar bin (for lack of a better term) in the hives as all of the resources we have consulted say that the external sugar containers encourage native bees to attack and rob the weak or new hives of the honey.  THAT is definitely something that we do not want!

We fired up the smoker, put on our suits and headed out.   We decided to open up the Blue hive first. We saw bees actively moving between the frames and a huge cluster of bees surrounding the queen’s container.  I brushed the bees off…

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