Old to New: Re-Purposing to help you in your garden designs and practical needs


Plants have the amazing ability to utilize what is around them and make the very best of it that they can to grow and thrive. So when it comes to designing and creating pieces to augment your garden, sometimes all you have to do is look no further then what is immediately around you.

Take our front gardens and walkway for example. These beds were created just two years ago and now are thriving, producing edible flowers, greens and herbs it also a beautiful addition for passers-by to look at. The edging was created using old bricks that used to line a path in the back garden. The path used valuable sunny growing space and did not provide the easiest access to the garden. We reused the bricks and helped to shape the design of two beds at once.


Another common need in gardens is trellises. Using scrap wood…

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