restore part one

radical farmwives

the time has come to offer a glimpse into our latest project

2 years ago, almost to the day, we purchased a 4 acre property 3 miles from our main farm. the ridge top farmstead with it’s turn of the century house, two perfect outbuildings and a barn better than any on our main farm enchanted us. despite the fact that our original hopes for the property didn’t go as planned (does anything ever??)  we were in love with the place and wanted to keep trying.


we were in way over our heads, honestly, we can barely manage what we have right here. projects are left undone or partially done all the time. spread too thin, we realized, how could we possibly start yet another enormous project?


it was the late fall of 2013, after an amazing amount of conversation (speckled with a small amount of sulking) we tapped into our larger community. in an elaborate…

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