Harvest Monday

Gardening Without...

June 30, 2014

I only get about an hour every day that I can work in the garden; basically from sunup until the kids wake up. By the time I feed the baby, feed the kids breakfast, and get the baby down for a nap, it’s too hot already! I go out a couple more times for various small tasks but that is the only time I can get a large chunk of picking done.

I picked blueberries for one hour every day this week. In one hour, I was able to pick 3 bushes and got 8 Quarts of blueberries. It took me 5 days in a row to get through our 15 blueberry bushes (we have about 30 in various stages of maturity but 15 that are large enough to fruit). I’m calling it: It is officially blueberry season!

I got through all of the blueberry bushes in…

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I’ve been busy achieving at life!

My Wonderland

Hey hey guys, I love you, I haven’t forgotten about you, I kept thinking that every day I should update my blog but I didn’t know what to write about and I didn’t want to bore you, but I do have exciting things to tell you about now!

CoffeeART2Okay, so firstly, I have achieved my food safety certificate which will make it easier to get a job in the food industry with that on my CV, but that’s not all I got….I got my barrista certificate!!!! I passed with flying colors, and my tutor said that if I can make them a little bit faster I’ll be up to a perfect speed and I’ll be able to keep up if I went to work in a cafe. I put out two coffee’s within two minutes! So, yay!!!!!!! I finally have my barrista after a whole long year of dreaming about…

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Naughty Bees!


My followers will recall that I became the proud owner of two beehives last month each with a queen and a nucleus of 15-20,000 workers and a few drones.

I named the queens Elizabeth and Victoria and their hives (palaces) Sandringham and Balmoral respectively.

Everything has been going on brilliantly – the numbers of workers increasing and the honey stores building up. Elizabeth’s ladies in waiting have been very docile and well mannered and her palace and all her children have been very well tended. Victoria’s workers have been a lot more feisty and less well brought up but the numbers in Balmoral have increased more quickly than in Sandringham. So much so that last week I noticed some queen cups had been made and wondered if it was a sign they were thinking about swarming. However I had been told more than once that they probably wouldn’t bother swarming…

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