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Sacred Ecology

I recently finished my Permaculture Design Course (online at Oregon State University) which is a great system of landscape assessment that has been a joy to learn about.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me what permaculture is about, and my short answer I’ve come to is:  Using natural properties of things (trees, water, chickens) to create systems that need minimal input to do what we (humans) want.  The word is coined from combining permanent+culture or permanent+agriculture, which leads to another way to say it: a system/landscape that will continue to function indefinitely without importing thing to the site or having to dispose of thing off the site; everything is self contained.

This is easiest to do on a site where you’re designing from scratch, but the principles can be applied to any situation – a deeply impacted urban space, an abandon rural farm, the balcony of an apartment…

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