Garlic Harvest 2014

Adapt, Mitigate, Survive

Having lifted the garlic last week and put it in a dry, dark place to cure a bit (the boiler shed, in our case), it was time to preserve the harvest. The best 10 heads of garlic are stored in the shed ready to be planted in the autumn, to give us next year’s harvest, and the rest are now pickled.

2014 Garlic harvest, pickled 2014 Garlic harvest, pickled

We do this very simply – just top, tail and skin the cloves, then put them into a pan of cold water (stops them reacting with the air and changing colour while you’re busy). Choose the jars, wash and dry them, then put them in the oven at a little over 100 degrees Centigrade (this makes sure there’s no nasty sudden changes of temperature that’ll cause the jars to crack).

While the jars are heating up (we usually give them 30 minutes in a pre-heated…

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