making it work

radical farmwives

It’s like this. No matter how many internships you do, farm blogs you follow, groups you read, or books you study, when you hit the ground with a project on your own farm or homestead, you have to make it your own. Other systems may inform and help you, but it has been our experience that almost everything has to be adapted in some way.opening flower

I believe that this quality of adaptation is part of life – in general. It’s certainly true to my experience in yoga practice. The form is there, old and solid, but to reach the function that underlies it, I may have to adapt the form of my own body, my practice. Finding the right adaptations makes our practices, our lives, more sustainable, resilient, and enduring. It is an on-going process. I don’t think it ever ends. Hopefully, it just gets smoother as time goes on…

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