Not your average nugget [Crispy Cauliflower Nuggets – vegan & gluten-free]

Gluten free doesn’t mean taste free!

Let's get living

Crispy, slightly spicy vegan nuggets that rival the originals’ addictiveness minus the lot of unnecessary additives or deep-frying. Bye bye, McDonald’s!

Whenever my mum would allow me to get food from McDonald’s my order would be a small size of Chicken McNuggets – sans sauce. In light of that it’s surprising I had yet to recreate them in a veg-friendly way. Maybe it was because I’m not a real fan of all those tofu mock meats. Who knew the solution was growing right on the field [or at least only a few kitchen steps away]?? Cauliflower for the win again. One of these days I’ll write an ode to this magically versatile wonder vegetable: couscous, pizza crust, mash, nuggets… Who knows the whole potential of this unsuspecting member of the crusciferous family?

Blumenkohlnuggets_cauliflower nuggets

Interestingly enough it was Juli bringing up the nugget issue for me again. Her recent decidedly not…

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