Chickies, Duckies and Turkeys…Oh my!

Big Sky + You + I

So we finally got some chickens!

…and then some more little chickies

…and some duckies

…and some more chicks and duckies

…and we even ordered some turkeys (which haven’t arrived yet, thankfully, since we’re running out of room!)


It all happened so fast that I didn’t have much time to think it through. Every time we went to The Feed Bin, our local feed store, to pick up an order of birds that just came in, there were always extras. Sweet little extra babies that needed a home…and we knew we had the perfect one for them! I mean, what chicken wouldn’t want to wake up to this mountain view?


We were like giddy little kids in a candy store pointing to all different shapes colors and sizes of birds saying, “Let’s take one of these, and 4 of those. Oh and look at that one right there! It has fuzzy little…

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