Soaking in the summer.

brooke bikneris

Summer means something different for each of the people in my house. But there are a handful of things that we each share the same fondness for – garden goodies and no school. No school meaning that there are no text books. But we still learn and experience something every day. Something we have been doing over the last couple of summers is swapping pet sitting favors with our sweet friends. Our dogs get along, and they have chickens. And as we all know, Little loves chickens. So this is a big treat for her. And us too. We all like chickens (except Middle, but she’s getting braver). Bonus for us – we get fresh eggs for ourselves. We have great friends!

I get tired (read that as My kids get tired) of photographing the same things. 😉 I tested some film metering things on the chickens. They didn’t mind…

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