My Review of Owning a Business


As a brand new business owner, I can be real with all of you letting you know it is NOT easy. You don’t make a ton of money. You don’t have time to live much of a life, and you are married to it. You just only communicate with yourself…

No sleeping on the couch for meeeeeeee!!

Espresso Shots

Please keep in mind as well, your customers are your motivation. At least, for me. I mean, lessssbehonest- I make coffee for people. Whether they are having a crappy day, or an amazing day, coffee to us is like nectar is to bees. SURVIVAL. At least in the PNW. Olympians drink this stuff more than water. You think I am kidding? Let me give you a description- In the heart of my little town, right next to the grocery stores is three Starbucks, two drive thru coffee stands, head a little north you…

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