Our Land

Oak Haven Homestead

This winter we moved to a new farm, in need of more space for the animals, and ourselves.  As much as we loved our old place, it was far from ideal, and maintaining it was getting exhausting.  Our chicken coop was too small, so it constantly needed cleaning.  It didn’t help that it was at the bottom of a slope, so every time it rained, water would seep under the door, and mud would clamp it shut.  The chickens were out of control, half of them didn’t go inside at night, sleeping in trees even when the wind chill was -15. They would always show up with chicks, and if they survived, they were completely feral.  The goat’s barn was a drafty stone shed, and their pen was small and muddy.  We let them out to graze everyday, but it was time consuming, and not ideal for the goats.  When we got…

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