The Idea

Does someone else’s dream inspire your own dream? If so, speak up and let them know.


My husband and I have a dream. Not a dream of material wealth, political power, beauty by society, or the illusion of happiness. We dream of the riches of self sufficiency , a voice to bring awareness, prosperity in health, and the happiness and adventure we find in our lifestyle choices.

We are just starting out myself (22) and my husband (23). We met in November 2010 right after high school and have been inseparable since. For a few years it was trial, error, doubt and mistakes which turned into knowledge, maturity, determination and an idea. An idea of the life we actually wanted to be living together, our dream.

We feel so fortunate that we live in a country with flourishing roots, and a place capable of dreaming and creating your own future.
Through our time together so far, our world has went through many changes. We are experiencing…

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