How to grow wheatgrass

Happy Vegetarian Life

I am very fortunate to live close to an organic heath food shops or juice bars so I can get freshly juiced wheatgrass shot every morning without efforts but I know many people don’t live close to the shops that serves wheatgrass shot so I would like to share how I grow wheatgrass at home. You don’t need to have a big garden. you can grow at your kitchen or balcony! 

To grow wheatgrass, you need:

  • tray or shallow container
  • soil or cotton
  • wheat berries

Since tray got halls I put egg paper underneath.

then put ” soaked” wheat berries. ( I am supposed to soak overnight but could not wait…. but they were soaked for nearly 5 hours so let’s say it is ok! Yes, I went to shop very early, the shop open 8:30am!!!!!

I also tried another way, which a man in ” Garden R us ” suggested…

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