Worm Your Honor

Pirates Progress

Worms rage hard, bro. Worms rage hard, bro.

My worm bed is doing very well! This is my third time trying one and I think I finally have a process. Those little buggers are hungry, too! By my best estimation, their population has doubled already and I only built the bin last month.

The worms’ castings are the prize. Black gold. An organic fertilizer that is naturally pH balanced and full of all the delicious little nutrients plants crave. The stuff costs serious money in stores and the idea of having a source of food for my plants right in my own kitchen excites the hippie in me.

The process is sophisticated in it’s simplicity. Really, all that needs to happen is some worms need to feel comfortable enough to chow down all day long, in turn digesting their entire body weight in organic kitchen and garden garbage. Simple enough: take bin, add bedding, add worms. But then…

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