A month in Pictures

Photos help keep great memories.


Nanette (my memory) made sure that I made our month in pictures for July.  So here are my highlights and lowlights. I can’t believe how much we got through last month.
hay-hay-025These cute little chicks


turned into thesetuesday-29-041and they have two more weeks to go.. yikes


Poppy and her Aunty Sheila just laid about enjoying this wonderful cool July. hay-day-066

The rake broke (and was fixed again) and we still got the hay in.hay-hay-012

And it was cut again yesterday. The calves continued to grow. I was told yesterday that this little guy is worth 2.30 a pound. Almost a thousand dollars offered for him.  Naturally I said no.

Our Mama died surrounded by her girls.  I miss Mama. But it was her time.


Marmalade got naughtier.pigs-007

The Plonkers went to the abbatoir. pre-war-diet-010 Tima and Boo slept some more.  Yesterday a man came to see Tima and after a search we found…

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