Things to think about

Beyond philosophical coffee talk or extensive planning over cheese and crackers, there comes my deep seated desire to do what is good and right. Though I admit that I do a lot of self reflection after these kinds of talks.

Today marks 6 days till a portion of our family moves away to start something new while another portion remains behind. Not everyone I talk to agrees or supports this move, but by the same token, not everyone is opposed either. But regardless of the public opinion polls so many tally in their hearts and minds, I believe there is much more to be gained from this move that helps grow our family and relationships. And it is with this belief and family support that we are counting down to our planned moving date.

We have made this process a family affair in hopes that it will help keep us together despite the underlying sadness of separation we have in our hearts for the coming days, weeks, and months. We pack each box as best we can, sorting what we have the heart to sort so that later we can unpack later what we need. Packing is a true test of resolve.



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