we did it! (or “budgeting and pictures and a kevin costner link!”)

You don’t know how encouraging this is to read and see. #newfollower

She is a native

Today marks an important milestone for the Smith-Cook Homestead. Even though we’ve been at it for seven weeks now, last month D still had a couple last paychecks come in, so July was the true test of our financial stability with a single income. Despite all our planning and budgeting and reassuring ourselves, I was still curious (and a little nervous) to see how it would go. I worked on a detailed budget that allows me to track every purchase we make and sort them into categories. For each category, I allocated a certain amount for the month, which was based on spending in that category over the last three months. The total allocated amount for the month was a little less than my monthly paycheck. Our hope was to have a tad left each month to go towards our checking account buffer (one month’s expenses). Once the buffer is met…

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