Differences in Rabbit Fur

Speaking of rabbits.

The Tiny Homesteaders

Let’s talk about Brownie and her kits.  She’s our doe that came from a New Zealand mother and Standard Rex father.  As seen in previous posts, she had her kits in the second week of July. They are up and leaving the nesting box now and I’ve had time to observe them.  Since Brownie is 1/2 New Zealand and half Rex and she was bred to a Rex, I though that all of the kits would come out with Rex fur.  I was wrong.

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While some of them have Rex-type fur, some of them have crazy intense coats.  They have the length and consistency of New Zealand fur with the density of Rex fur.  It is interesting.  If you gently pull on Bownie’s fur, it comes out in really thick clumps.  I’ve decided that after one more litter, I will likely sell Brownie and keep one of her Rex furred…

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