Are we Organic?

Zoma Farm

I was kind of shocked the first time I was at a farmers market and someone asked me if our farm was organic. “I thought all farmers markets are organic farmers.” I said. Well, we’re here to tell you that yes, we are organic, not certified organic but we use all means necessary to control what goes into our soil. We do not use herbicides or pesticides. So then how do we do it? SOIL We buy “supercompost” that is made up of the City of Saanich’s compost recycling program. Hillside and Stone is the exclusive seller of this compost. I then mix this with peat moss. The mix depends… potted tomatoes are 2:1 (compost to peat) seedling mix is 4:1 general potting: 8:1 supercompost hillside stone   The peat holds moisture in as well as buffers all the nutrients from the pure compost. mixing potting soil Try not to do this bending over like me…

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