City Hive


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My brother is a beekeeper and owner of a sustainable bee removal service called Seven Hills Bee Co. This week he posted a link to City Hive. Developed by The National Design Collective out of Toronto, City Hive is a beautifully designed rooftop beehive. The City Hive has two main purposes: to promote urban beekeeping, and to raise awareness of colony collapse syndrome in honeybee hives. The structures are inspired by rooftop water towers, and are meant to be aesthetically pleasing and well as easy to use. In fact, despite it’s unusual and aesthetic appearance the design, there is no loss in functionality. Based on the traditional Langstroth design used by most beekeepers, the City Hive uses common parts and mechanisms, and requires the same practices for hive maintenance as the usual bee boxes. The hive is built of cedar wood in order to encourage natural weathering and…

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