Introducing “The Homestead Project” Part 4

CarmAl Farms

The Age of the Generalist

2013-07-11 10.11.11
Summer Squash
Well-House Project
50 Year Old Electrical System in need of replacement
Excavating the Homestead’s Trash Pit

The last 150 years have been the age of the industrialist, the specialist, the inventors and the lifelong devotees to one system. Whether it is Andrew Carnegie with Bethlehem Steel or Bill Gates with Microsoft, the people in the last 2 centuries who have made it big, and who have made it small, all had to specialize. According to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Gates put in over 10,000 hours on cutting edge computer technology before he was in his second year of college. That is success of the specialist.

I believe, with universal increased access to information, and with increased access  to automation, the new pioneers, and homesteaders of the 21st Century will specialize in systems and people. To be specialized in a system or a person, it…

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