Survival: What if… I Get Stung by a Bee

Laughing Crow

After spending an entire summer in the city, barely getting out into the mountains at all I finally found a car to borrow and made plans to go for a good long hike over on the North Shore. I woke up in the morning, ran out to the garden to grab some fruit for breakfast and after all my barefoot backyard wanderings without getting stung once… I stepped on a wasp.
Reactions to wasp stings are very different from individual to individual- when I get stung it winds up looking something like this:


If its on my hand, my hand will swell up till I cant make a fist, if it hits my forearm, I swell from my elbow down to my finger tips. If I get stung on the calf I swell from my knee to my toes. The reaction lasts for three or four days and it is…

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