Why I wear a beard

Flatlander Faith

Well, it’s not a decision I have to make every morning, like deciding if this is short sleeve or long sleeve weather, it just grows there. I would have to physically remove it with some kind of blade every morning if I didn’t want it.

Now, I think that if God made me in such a way that hair grows on my face, it shows a little respect to Him to leave it there. But there is no commandment in the Bible saying that a man must wear a beard. A good thing, too. There are men who would be in serious trouble if there was such a command, since hair does not grow on their faces. God does not command them to do what they are not able to do.

There is a verse in the Old Testament that says “Thou shalt no mar the corners of thy beard.”…

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Coffee. Where it All Went Wrong.



Yes, that is pretty much like me way back in the day.

It’s National Coffee Day and I thought I should celebrate. So, I went McDonald’s to buy myself three Iced Coffees that I affectionately call “McCracks”. My real love affair began at 16. I have worked in coffee for decades now.

In honor of the day, here are some memes I have collected and one amazing video of a prank which I wish to high hell I could have pulled off at Starbucks when I worked there.











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Lessons in Coffee: Beginnings (or How Not to Look Like an Idiot at Starbucks)

Staving Off Disaster

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Happy Coffee Day!

If you don’t know, today is International Coffee Day. Why? Because we spend around $1,000 on coffee annually. Throwing that much cash at it, it should return the favor at least once a year.

Many companies are celebrating in style, with Dunkin Dounts, McDonalds, and Krispy Kreme all offering a free cup of coffee. Canadian giant, Tim Hortons, claims to have hidden $9,000 worth of prizes and giftcards in many of their major markets (including my hometown, Rochester, NY—GO HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS, GET THAT CASH!). Seems fitting these coffee giants should celebrate a holiday to promote fair trade coffees and farmer’s rights by giving away free, not fair trade coffee, but I digress. I promise that is not my soapbox for this post.

Anyway, grab yourself a free cup of joe, and let’s talk about coffee on this hallowed day.


There are many different kinds of coffee roasts—all…

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Happy National Coffee Day!

Garnished With Grooves

Happy National Coffee day to all! There are few gestures that mean the same thing in every language, but we’re convinced that the event of sharing a coffee with someone is universally understood.  Most can relate to grabbing a cup of java and catching up with a friend. Even Hollywood has picked up on this trend, which is why Friends had the Central Perk and Jerry Seinfeld started his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – everyone does it.

To celebrate, we wanted to share some of our favorite local coffee shops paired with a handful of standout acoustic acts from Ohio, and one particular classic rock tune that is arguably the best song about coffee (in Amanda’s opinion at least…).

Great CLE Coffee Spots:

We hope you check out some of these solid spots and dig the jams and pics…

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Looks like Meat’s Back on the Menu, Boys!

The Witch and the Warrior

As a child, I remember butchering day very well. My mother would close all the curtains in the house and we wouldn’t see her again until that evening. I started “helping” with the butchering as early as I can remember, although I’m sure I wasn’t much help at all! Growing up this way, I learned where my food came from. In later years, I would be surprised that people were repulsed by the idea of butchering an animal they had raised, or butchering at all for that matter. For folks that didn’t grow up seeing where their food came from, I guessed it was just easier to buy that nameless, plump chicken at the grocery store.

Rinsing a beautiful chicken carcass in cold water. Rinsing a beautiful chicken carcass in cold water.

When we decided to start raising chickens again, one of the biggest things we looked forward to was the fresh meat. Homegrown chicken has more taste…

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