Who is eating my tomatoes?

smallholding dreams

Corban SalataMy greenhouses are doing well at the moment. I planted the tomatoes and cucumbers late this year because of the surgery, but this means that I will hopefully get lots of tomatoes all through autumn.


tomatoes and cucumbersbasil

I can’t remember what types of tomato I planted as I was using up seeds this year. There was the ubiquitous yellow one (not sure why I grow so many of these), there was a cherry type one and also a couple of large heirloom or heritage type ones. Next year I will keep a note of the seeds I plant on my blog.

Something is eating my tomatoes though. I know there is a toad living in there as when I water he pops out to say hello. Is he eating them? Can he jump that high. There was one slug in one greenhouse but I flung that out to the chickens – could…

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