Winter Garden

Creating a Home(Stead)

IMG_0634 Finally got the garden space reorganized.  It’s my little bit of bringing order to chaos. I now have six 7′ X 2′ beds to grow in instead of one 3′ X 6′ bed. Even though there’s more growing space the overall footprint is smaller.  If you look closely you can see the new sod I added around the edge of the area. Beginning with the bed closest to the lower right corner of the picture the beds contain: 1.  Carrots.  Two different kinds (I can’t remember the names and it’s too early in the morning to dig out my garden journal haha).  One kind is a medium length carrot and the other is little ball shaped carrot that is popular in France. 2.  This bed gets its reddish hue from the newly emerged beet sprouts. 3.  Cauliflower – Snowball? 4.  This bed is empty in the picture but I’m going…

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