The Truth About Renovations

Story. Of. Our. Lives.

Have you ever looked at HGTV or DIY Network Shows and go ” We can totally do that!”? I am guilty of this. All.The.Time.

When we first started the kitchen remodel I told myself it would take a month and I could totally work around that. Since warmer weather was coming I figured if it even extended longer I could use the grill to cook dinners. Well, it’s September and I’m still staring at this….

photo 1 (4)

So last night when I came through the door and I looked at this again for the millionth time… I crumbled.  I full on did the Kim Kardashian Ugly cry. (:::true story:::)

Just for clarification, nothing major really happened to derail the whole project.  Life just happened. Between work, family time and other projects things just kept being put on the back burner. When you (collective unit) are doing all the work without professionals and…

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Educational Tools for Homestead Beginners

How We Homestead

So, today is my birthday and I want to share some of my gifts with you! BirthdayGifts

Since my interests this past year have all been geared toward homesteading, I received some wonderfully rich tools to help educate and guide my experiences. Maybe these tools can help you too!

A subscription to MaryJane’s Farm Magazine. This woman is the shiznit! She did what I am currently doing almost 30 years ago…somewhat ironic considering I am 32 today. Her idea to start a homestead, live organically and create natural recipes far preceded my dream of doing the same. What a wonderful magazine to help me, and other woman, find a voice with our dreams of simple living.

I received a few great books too. They are listed here:

These books will help…

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Advice From a Not-Quite-Rookie Butcher

Not that I have ever butchered anything, but this is very interesting read.

chasing piggens

There’s a nip in the air today, bizarrely. At the football games these past two evenings, we’ve been grateful for the picnic quilt that’s always somehow left in the back seat. The cool night air got me to thinking of friends in Maine who are planning to butcher their own hogs for the first time very soon. We have to wait for colder nights before we tackle Levi and Sizzle, but it’s a good time to start mentally preparing.

This is the list of things we need to find, clean, sharpen and jury rig before the big day:

  1. A variety of knives
  2. A butcher’s saw
  3. A fairly level location with running water and something to hang the carcass from
  4. An indoor (bug and possum free) space to hang the halves
  5. A barrel and plenty of dry firewood
  6. A (working, ahem) vacuum sealer and plenty of bags
  7. Clean containers to sort sausage scraps and lard chunks into
  8. Trays for freezing or…

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