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Making our own Dreams

I worked for almost 8 years in the disaster & restoration industry.

This was a job that was stressful,
always dealing with disasters and emergencies.

My job was to be there for others when they needed help,
days, nights, weekends, good weather and bad.
because disaster never makes appointments.

I hated 90 minutes of driving each day,

but I loved helping people.

But in 2013 I suddenly lost my job of 8 years. This was my own disaster!

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I Don’t Often Do This

I don’t often do this, but I wanted to share a personal journal entry from earlier this year. As many of you have gotten to know me, you know that I often look back at times in my life that when situations feel hard or things seem particularly great. I always try to learn from what I did that was working or maybe how I got it one situation or another.

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Have you ever thought of doing this? Have you ever used new school technology with old school application?


I have done a lot of reading lately and I am shocked to see how much of I read is informational and how much is fiction. I read various articles, blogs, and books on gardening, personal blogs, food, news, and personal development (many of whom I follow from this blog including. – Permacooking). Yet what struck me lately is this; not the value of the informational content of the news type sources, but the personal and intimate blogs and articles. I have always been a info-addict or a how-to type reader, until now. These past few months of overwhelmingly sad and tragic deaths, wars, and elections have me decidedly more informed, but less engaged with the global business of news. Sad, but true.

Instead, I have found a renewed desire to focus on home, family, and personal engagement. I love cooking, gardening, reading, spending time with my family and (but don’t tell my family this) traveling and seeing beautiful things. I love being outdoors; but I love being home too.

So here I am, l am looking for inspiration, connection, and renewal for body, mind, and soul. So I plan to use a new way of thinking in my life to make my life better. I am going try something new.

I will:
Do more reading and responding to people (not events or information)
Enjoy things for what they are
Slow down enough to think before I speak
Take more pictures
Reach out more to others
Share kindness
Spend more time writing here and on

I would love to hear what other think about this too

Why I wear a beard

Flatlander Faith

Well, it’s not a decision I have to make every morning, like deciding if this is short sleeve or long sleeve weather, it just grows there. I would have to physically remove it with some kind of blade every morning if I didn’t want it.

Now, I think that if God made me in such a way that hair grows on my face, it shows a little respect to Him to leave it there. But there is no commandment in the Bible saying that a man must wear a beard. A good thing, too. There are men who would be in serious trouble if there was such a command, since hair does not grow on their faces. God does not command them to do what they are not able to do.

There is a verse in the Old Testament that says “Thou shalt no mar the corners of thy beard.”…

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Coffee. Where it All Went Wrong.



Yes, that is pretty much like me way back in the day.

It’s National Coffee Day and I thought I should celebrate. So, I went McDonald’s to buy myself three Iced Coffees that I affectionately call “McCracks”. My real love affair began at 16. I have worked in coffee for decades now.

In honor of the day, here are some memes I have collected and one amazing video of a prank which I wish to high hell I could have pulled off at Starbucks when I worked there.











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