Iced Latte in a Jar


at the Cream & Sugar Café in La Mirada, CA


Banksy Coffee House, 162 Essex Road


With Banksy books, T-shirts, tote bags and anything else that can be printed on, it was only a matter of time before someone opened a Banksy coffee shop.

The Banksy Coffee House on Essex Road in Angel, not far from a real Banksy, opened in January and is decorated with Banksy tributes in all forms, from the drink mats to canvas prints of his graffiti on the walls.  But it does not really live up to the high expectations one has of a place that names itself after the highest-paid man in street art.

It tries to pull off the mismatched furniture look, but ends up looking cluttered and the furniture is too samey to really master the style. The Banksy prints on the fake-looking brick walls don’t mix well with the old fliers, posters and pieces of sheet music that are hung alongside them. Banksy would have probably…

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Easy Homemade Coffee Ice Cream With Sugar Waffles

How can you not like this, unless you don’t like the taste of caffeinated greatness.

At the Corner of Happy and Harried

Coffee Ice Cream With Sugar Waffles

After a fun poll on the blog’s Facebbok page, this coffee ice cream recipe was requested by the most number of readers for the weekend. I guess we are all addicted to coffee in any form!

In our house, we love ice cream and we love a simple vanilla flavor (or white ice cream as my Boy calls it). No Neapolitan, Rocky Road, mint-chocolate chip or other fancy flavors for us. Just plain, creamy, delicious vanilla. But if there is one other flavor that can oust vanilla from its numero uno position, that would be coffee ice cream, specifically Häagen-Dazs’ coffee bean flavor. I actually don’t mind giving it to Boy occasionally. An occasional scoop of coffee ice cream is not going to harm him. If nothing, I think it actually shows the lil’ guy has good taste.

I decided to try making coffee ice cream at home with…

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Cold Brew: Sumatra Mandailing

Lotta Latte

What is good in this hot and humid summer? Cold brew.

I have a bag of Sumatra Mandailing beans that I got from Indonesia, so I decided to make some cold brew… just because… it’s hot!

Coarsely grind the beans and added about 15 tbsp to a 64oz pitcher (Takeya Iced Tea maker picther that has strainer). Added the water and left it in the fridge.


After 48 hours, filtered the coffee brew for the second time to get rid of the small coffee particles so the brew will be smooth.

Served with some ice and agave for sweetener (or condensed milk).


Tasting: strong body, low acidity 

Aroma: Earthy

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