Introducing “The Homestead Project” Part 1

CarmAl Farms

2013-07-11 10.11.11

It seems almost every time I listen to the news, especially in an election year, I hear about the “American Dream.” What is the American Dream? I know a dream that many people seem to miss when they are talking about “making it.” I know a dream that has been within my family on both sides for generations, into the past that most people barely remember. My great-grandparents left Oregon 100 years ago in pursuit of the dream, and their grandparents went to Oregon in pursuit of it.

It is not a dream to be wealthy. No, that is the province of the nobility of Europe: to never have to work again, but rely on the labor of others is not my dream, nor my parents. It is not a dream to change one’s status, because it is based upon the fundamental belief that status is arbitrary. It is a…

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